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MAKE YOUR CLOSET WORK FOR YOU. When you dress for success everything is easy for your unique wardrobe ! 

What is the perfect wardrobe? It’s when you have something to wear every day and there is always an opportunity to leave the house stylish and comfy, all in all, to feel confident in every situation. It’s also when any purchased item fits into the structure of the wardrobe, fulfils the capsule wardrobe and as a result it always works for you, under any circumstances.



I’m Valentina 

Nice to meet you ! I’m clothes designer ans personal stylist. I’m here to help you to find your unique style path and make your beauty glow. 



What I Offer

Closet Consultation

This service gives you a whole vision of your closet now. You have better understanding of your personal color and perfect cut for your body shape. 


After closet decluttering you get a very efficient shopping list, (with advaces ) with missing items.

Personal Style & Fashion

My recommendation for your personal and unique style. 

What I Do

Personal Styling & Clothing, Wardrobe Consulting. Hair & Makeup Advaces

Clothing & Accessories

Workshop & Makeup

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works & Why

Why should you buy my service online ?

Because it will save you time and money. Because it is a professional approach to your wardrobe. As a clothing designer, I know like no one else how the fabric is supposed to lie on the body.

Experience in Fashion Domain

Therefore, as a result of my years’ experience (can I list years or diplomas?), was born my author’s method of personal wardrobe auditing.

Author's méthode

This system counts all factors affecting the end result of your attractiveness. The system allows you to see the structure of the wardrobe, where each thing lies in its place and forms a functional aspect. A place where it does not conflict with other details of the wardrobe.


Self-confidence, attractiveness and understanding of what to wear, this is not a myth, it’s a reality which you will be a part of after my consulting.


Fashion Made Easy

 » It was a great privilege to work with well experienced and full of great knoledge Valentina Schick. Just under short time she did helped me with understanding of colors, and mixing and matching, all I got in my clothed, to see in different perspective. It’s get new sensations and meaning. Love it. Excellent job. Keep it- we all need it in our life-Relooking

Progect Manager, South Africa

'' Thanks for you work, and intresting ideas!😘 And thank you Valentina for your styling tips and suggestions for my wordrobe. It was a great experience to organize and declutter my closet!you are the best👍👍👍👍

Lena S.

'' I get in touch with Valentina Schick to detox my wardrobe, define my colors for professional domain, and also to be helped with on line shopping. In few days we worked on my style,colors and my way of leaving. I've received lots of advice and fashion tips for my wardrobe. It was a big pleasure and satisfaction to be advised by personal stylist and shopper. I can only recommend!!!

Celine Fribourg, Austria  


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